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EMG Custom Products

At EMG, we help you take your clients vision and turn it into a realistic product!  Now you can do it...

Why do a custom project?

In doing a custom item, you corner the market.  A custom item makes it more difficult for a competitor to source the good through their regular channels.  Studies have also shown that clients are more loyal to companies that bring unique items to the table.  You are adding value to the service you provide.  Not to mention, you are able to promote your company through private labeling all of the goods you produce!

What items can be produced custom?

The question here is what can't we produce custom?  Some items we have produced include steel toe boots, scrubs, lab coats, bath robes, straw hats, bags, organic cotton products, restaurant uniforms and more!

Why wouldn't I just go direct?

The best reasons to use  Head to Toe and Innovation Line as your sourcing partner are:

*You benefit from the multiple containers that come to us each week, saving you big money on freight.

*No letter of credit is necessary, with approved terms, you are billed on Net 30 after delivery of goods.

* No risk!  When going "direct" YOU take all of the risk in faulty/defective goods and since you prepay, the problems are yours.  With EMG, you pay when the order is delivered correctly.

*With growing concerns regarding material content, workplace and safety issues, rest assured that we hold our factories to very high standards.

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